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Ambulatory Surgical Medical Center - Day Hospital

The Fundación Hogar del Ecuador is a non-profit organization established on September 28, 1988 as an outreach of the Arco Church in Cuenca. We are called to express the love of Christ by ministering to the needs of the disadvantaged in practical ways. We work together and have full approval from the Ecuadorian government.

Initially we had care in general medicine, however, the number has increased to reach more than 42 specialties, complemented by the pharmacy, clinical laboratory, optics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation service; operating room and hospitalization.

Our objective is to improve the quality of life of people through physical, psychological and spiritual health services, for which purpose it is supported by its mission, which is to establish and maintain entities that ensure the comprehensive health of the family.

Our teams are made up of medical and dental specialists, from family medicine, cardiology and pediatrics to ophthalmology, gynecology, general surgery and orthopedics.


At the moment we have two operating rooms, complemented by the hospital that has nine beds distributed in three rooms, assisted by specialized medical personnel, residents and nurses. The surgical interventions performed are: general, laparoscopic, pediatric, chest and pulmonology, vascular, reconstructive, gynecological, ophthalmic, otorhinolaryngological, traumatological, plastic surgery and neurosurgery.



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Some of our partners include:

The Christian Medical and Dental Associations
The Christian Blind Mission
Compassion International www.​
Municipality of Cuenca www. municipalitycuenca
The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Ecuador
Rotary International www.​
INFA (National Institute for Children and Families)
MIES (Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion)

We invite you to join us on a short or long term mission.
There are many areas where your participation can make a difference.
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